Sign Holders

stand small sm.jpg

Black painted steel takes two 18" x 24" coroplast inserts.

Portable folding "A" sign is great for job sites when you want to announce your presence to passers by. Many times neighbors will want to deal with contractors who they can see have the confidence of thier neighbors. People are generally unwilling to disturb you while working in someones house but are glad to take down your contact info from a conspicuous lawn sign. Why not have us fit your sign with a flyer or card holder?



 Spinner lg.jpg

Black painted steel takes two 18" x 30" coroplast inserts.

These signs are a real interest grabber. When layed out
properly colours are opposite which causes sign to
"flash". Wind controlled, no lights but effective non the
less with the right approach to layout.

Two wind scoops are pushed by the wind causing sign to rapidly spin
"flashing" out your message. It is best to keep these
relatively simple.


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