Recent Projects

 Vibrant and hard to miss, a real high kicking boost to an ad campaign!

I would like to personally recommend Northern Karate to you.

 My family and I have had a blast there and have experienced the best in positive and safe atmospheres. Two black belts and counting!  "Personal Best" ... Bob Brann 



Always state your prefered selling points...

don't assume your potential clients know the extent of your company's abilities.

Less uncertainty in your customers minds means more calls.



 Good clean lines make this van a standout

Note: Striping continues the windows line.



 Thanks for the kudos S.




 Plexi letters & Logos surface raised 3 levels.








We wish to thank Rob and the staff at SDR Apparel for the chance to work with them and we wish then all the best in their new expanded facilities!

We were happy to complete your project on time... it was a pleasure working for you!


Pictures of one of our latest multi layered storefronts that has increased walk in traffic for a long and established restaurant. They were jumping up and down with excitement as we were installing it... so were we. Thanks to Susan Toth Photography for the pixs! (Ps: Susans pixs are really nice, I messed up loading them. Sorry Susan. Call off the attack dog, were fixing them.)

Note the original in-shop artwork for the raised plates.. Who needs clip art when you have Petri Rantanen !


 Detail of plexi & digital print original artwork raised panel.



 Matching plywood parking display at rear.

Why not take every chance to sell your product or service!






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